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Supply Chain Management

Synchronize your operations to meet customer demand efficiently and at a lower cost. Optimize your Supply Chain Logistics Services and boost your bottom line. We'll show you how.

Freight Management

Get control of your freight operations. Freight transportation costs can make up a major part of your company's operating budget. We will help you keep them as low as possible.

Freight Cost Reduction and RFP Management

Useproven business intelligence concepts and professional RFP management techniques in freight rate negotiations for your company. We'll work with you to apply these tools to reduce your freight and logistics costs while improving the reliability of trucking and other services to your company.

Freight Rate and Freight Cost Benchmarking

Business Logistics services include customized freight cost benchmarking services . This service will determine if your rates and charges are competitive by comparing your rates to those actually paid by other companies.

Logistics Optimization

Lower your Logistics Costs and improve your Distribution Network. How do you optimize the flow of your products while keeping your customers completely satisfied? We will lead you throughout the process.

Inbound Shipment Management

Control your inbound freight. When you leave shipping choices up to your vendors, you lose control over the movement and freight charges associated with inbound shipments. We will help you gain control of these costs.

Air Express and Parcel Shipment Management

Manage your parcel and express costs and use economical service alternatives. These transportation services are expensive and are often improperly used, costing your company thousands each year. We will work with you to control these costs.

Service Improvement

Eliminate delivery problems and improve customer service quality with our services. When it comes to fixing delivery and customer service problems, we know what works. We will analyse issues and help you improve your service quality.

Private Fleet Cost/Benefit Evaluations

Find out if your private trucking operation is really helping your company. Do really need a private fleet at all or is it possible that the one you now have should actually be larger? We'll help you determine the best option. More... the one you now have should actually be larger? We'll help you determine the best option.

Warehouse Logistics and Site Planning

Find the right locations for your warehouses and pool points and get the most from your logistics operations. Warehouse logistics can make or break your company's competitive edge. We will work with you to lower your warehouse costs.