With a Mission to be "the most admired service provider of integrated supply chain solutions", TWC logistics Solutions brings a lot of commitment in its partnerships with its clients. Logistics is one of the main functions within a company. The main targets of TWC that logistic can be divided into performance related and cost related. They are high due date reliability, short delivery times, low inventory level and high capacity utilization. But when decisions need to be made, there is always a trade off between these targets. This is what makes being a logistician challenging and interesting.

Our mission is to continue to earn a reputation of integrity, service and diversity that is unmatched in our industry. In order to achieve these lofty objectives, we hire and retain only the most qualified and dedicated individuals who share the Company’s vision. Our status as a diversified, premier total logistics provider is dependent upon our ability to provide only the highest level of service to our customers, maintain a necessary profit margin, and to recognize opportunities and react to changing market conditions well ahead of our competition.